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  Mobile Forklift - We come to you!

D&D’s mobile forklift is highway licensed and able to travel wherever you need it. Our operators have the expertise to move your items safely and efficiently. With a 7000 lb lift capacity, heavy loads are no problem, and our 8’ forks can handle bigger items with ease. Whatever you need to move, give us a call and find out how we can make your job easier for you.

Jobsite materials and deliveries

If you are building, renovating or landscaping our forklift can make your job a lot easier. Whether it’s unloading a delivery, lifting shingle pallets to your roof or moving materials at your home or construction site, our mobile forklift can come and handle your cargo.

RV and trailer placement

Our forklift is also equipped to maneuver RV’s and trailers into tight spots that a truck simply cannot get into. Give us a call to book an appointment and get your RV or trailer situated at your campsite the easy way.
Rate $80/hr Minimum $45









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